About Us

Founded in 2017, Tricky Inc is the software tech based company which has its own product called TRICKYCHAT. Trickychat is popularly known as BEST ANONYMOUS MESSAGING APP in the play store and app store. TrickyChat is mobile and web application which connects users with anonymous features. This app works with IOS and Android systems and comes in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese languages so far. Trickychat is developed to give the best way to express yourself without any fear or concern, and it encourages you to have fun with your friends, family and possible new friends. You are free to talk anything without being subject to discrimination or bullying.

TrickyChat handles two different users: registered user and unregistered users. In detail, TrickyChat allows unregistered users to send message anonymously using the web url. Unregistered users have only limited access. On the other hand, registered users have access to lot of anonymous features like send and receive messages, real time chatting, posting, etc. Users can message anyone without revealing their real identity. For example: if parents want to convey some message to her children, our app helps to achieve it without revealing their identity. Not only parents, even friends can also do the same. TrickyChat also provides additional features like filtering the vulgar messages and block users to avoid the bullying and harrassment.

In the business point of view, TrickyChat can be used to get honest feedback from their customers using url. TrickyChat has big plans for business support in the future. Please contact us to fulfil the needs for now.


People all over the world are facing problems in expressing themselves nowadays. However, it gets a lot easier when you can do that anonymously at a safe place. Trickychat is different from any other way of people interaction through social media since it provides people to express the true feeling of free speech. It is anonymous, free, safe and fun!

Happy Chatting!