San Diego, CA, October 22, 2017- Tricky Inc, a promising new technology company, has just launched its first product, TrickyChat. It has a simple and revolutionary concept at the same time. The anonymous messaging application includes, in addition to totally anonymous and secure messages, a fun chat. The application was officially launched to the technology and entertainment market in its beta version on Wednesday 16th with a proposal to change the way people interact in social media. TrickyChat brings a simple concept of anonymous chatting, but quite promising because the application provides its user privacy, fun and freedom of expression. The application was initially released in English, Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese and it is now available for download in play store and app store.  

About the application, Tricky Inc’s CEO said, "Nowadays people have a hard time expressing what they really want to say, whether it's fear of repression or just fearing trials. We understand that and we're giving those people the opportunity to be simply themselves". 

Do not wait any longer to get the app, go now to the Play Store and get it for free. Through Tricky Chat, you will have: 

• Privacy to speak what you want and to whomever you want! 

• Fun, free chat, unpretentious and lively! 

• Freedom of expression to be yourself without fear and no worries about pre-judgments! 

About Tricky Inc: Tricky Inc is a company based in San Diego, California. Founded in 2017. The company develops products for young and funky audiences. 

For more information, contact Tricky Inc at: