Trickychat is a new social messaging app.Trickychat is a new way of messaging and interacting with friends. Alot of times when you use other messaging apps like Whatsapp or even Messenger it just feels bloated and trying to do too much.Messaging apps such as the ones mentioned are becoming less and less user friendly.The companies that own these messaging platforms are just copying others rather then staying with what their users want.

Trickychat want to change that by allowing a freedom of speak and anonymous outlet for users in a whole new way. No more over bloated user interface just simple interaction where you can interact with your friends. Other messaging apps leave the user feeling disconnected from the "whole purpose" Which is to connect with friends and share stories or maybe message that cute girl you have been crushing on.

Trickychat is just "Simply Different". When using other messaging platform such as whatsapp or maybe even messenger if you want to share something private with who you are talking to you can't do that with other messaging apps because with new technology that allows users to screenshot or save messages nothing is really private.Trickychat is changing that by allowing user to message in private with out being ashamed of what you want to say.