A new anonymous messaging application has been winning over the young audience on social networks. Trickychat has already aroused the interest and attention of thousands of young people who have found in the app a fun and safe way to interact anonymously to close friends and even people from countries other than their own. The novelty is already one of the most talked about subjects in social networks in countries where the application was initially launched.

The question now is why has this application aroused the interests of so many young people in such a short time. In fact, the answer to this question is quite simple- it is the freedom of speech plus anonymous offered in the app that is just loved by the users. In addition, the updated version of the platform offers not only the chat and messages options with friends from your contact list, but also allows you to interact with all the public that uses the same application, including users from different countries, this public, which by the way comes increasing considerably.

Trickychat users, in fact, despite already using the application's fun tools like messaging, chatting, or sharing their user addresses (URLs) in any of the most popular social networks currently available in the market, are eager to awaits the news that the company responsible for the application - Tricky Inc- promises to make available soon. Among the new tools is talk in real-time group chat rooms and posts, which will be available to be done anonymously or not. It is believed that Tricky Inc has in its hands one of the most promising and fun application ever launched in the current social media market.